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August cradles our aspirations of Somerset Maugham’s buttery bucolic bliss: confronted once more with swollen beaches, acrid tangs of spilt cider and reachy beards, we can close our eyes, smell the mown grass and draw succour from the cloink of the nightjar.

So ho for pastures new! Where shall we skip, arm in arm, together to mounch the time away? This month we shimmy our way to the Seaton Jurassic Centre. Yet here I am going to choose your food for you – none of this menu perusal business; we shall order the fish and chips. That’s it. The fish and chips, a nice bottle of Luscombe goodness and maybe a cake to finish. Their fish and chips are simply superb: the batter is light and very crisp, the fish is plump, moist and flaky, the accompaniments are simple, and the portion is generous but not overwhelming. You can go without touring the Centre, although the Jurassic Centre experience is an excellent one. So there, easy; Fish and Chips at the Seaton Jurassic Centre.

Special dishes this month are Chilled Cucumber & Chicken Soup, Braised Short Rib of Beef, Penne Arabiata, and Strawberry & Black Pepper Jelly.

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(Tip no.24: To deal with a mucky microwave, put a small bowl of water in the microwave, let it boil for 1 minute and be amazed at how easily the grub glides off!)



BEEF BOURGUIGNON Prime beef with caramelised shallots and carrots in a rich red wine sauce (DF) £4.00/£6.25
BEEF CASSEROLE A hearty dish of beef, chunky vegetables, and herb dumplings (DF) £4.00/£6.25
BEEF SHIN Meltingly tender beef with vegetables in a red wine sauce (DF) £3.75/£5.75
BEEF COBBLER Beef with best ale, root vegetables, mushrooms and crisp herb scones £4.00/£6.25
LASAGNE A great classic, heaped with beef, red wine, tomatoes and oregano £3.75/£5.75
COTTAGE PIE Finest minced beef with carrots and peas, topped with a lovely buttery mash £3.50/£5.50
BEEF STROGANOFF Fine slices of seared fillet steak, mushrooms, soft onion, paprika and soured cream (GF) £4.25/£6.95
CORNED BEEF HASH Our corned beef layered with caramelised onions, baked beans and cheddar mash (GF) £3.50/£6.00
CHILLI CON CARNE Our wonderful minced beef cooked with spices, chilli and a hint of dark chocolate (DF) £3.75/£5.75
OXTAIL STEW Rich, sticky chunks of oxtail and vegetables in a glossy red wine and beef sauce £3.75/£5.75
KENYAN BEEF CURRY Succulent beef curried with red chilli, coriander and coconut to a very spicy finish (GF)(DF) £3.95/£6.25
SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE The traditional Italian recipe; a simple dish made simply wonderful just for you. £3.85/£6.00


FRUITY LAMB CURRY Tender lamb, lightly spiced and cooked in tomato, studded with dates and apricots (GF)(DF) £3.95/£6.50
LAMB HOTPOT Leg of lamb cooked slowly with root vegetables, barley, rosemary and potatoes (DF) £3.75/£5.75
MINTY LAMB BAKE Lamb mince, sweet mint and vegetables all topped with sliced potatoes (DF) £3.75/£5.75
MOUSSAKA Layered prime lamb, aubergines, courgette and tomato, herbs and a cheese sauce £3.85/£5.95
SHEPHERDS PIE Finest minced lamb with carrots and peas, topped with a lovely buttery mash £3.50/£5.50
LAMB CASSEROLE Diced lamb casseroled with vegetables and topped with a herb dumpling (DF) £4.00/£6.25
IRISH STEW Delicious lamb with potatoes, carrots, leeks and herbs, all slow cooked until tender (DF)(GF) £3.75/£5.75
LAMB SHANK Slow roasted until meltingly tender with a red wine and mushroom sauce (DF) £4.00/£6.95
SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS Juicy lamb meatballs smothered in a herby tomato sauce and set on a bed of spaghetti (DF) £3.85/£6.00
BOBOTIE Minced lamb, gently cooked with fruits and spices under a golden creamy topping £3.75/£5.75


HUNTERS CHICKEN Whole succulent breast wrapped in smoked bacon, our barbeque sauce and cheddar (GF) £3.25/£5.00
CHICKEN CHASSEUR Roasted half breast with a ragout of tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon and white wine (GF) (DF) £3.25/£5.00
CHICKEN CASSEROLE Chicken breast and seasonal vegetables topped with herb dumplings £4.00/£6.25
CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI Beautiful chicken fillet, mushrooms and white wine overlaid with broccoli and potato £3.75/£5.75
CHICKEN CURRY Succulent chicken with gentle spices, tomatoes and coriander leaf (GF)(DF) £3.75/£5.75
CHICKEN TETRAZZINI Chicken with fusilli pasta, mushrooms, cream and sweet peppers £3.75/£5.75
COQ AU VIN Roasted chicken joint with red wine, bacon, mushrooms, shallots and brandy (DF) £3.75/£5.75
CHICKEN CARBONARA Seared mushrooms, ham lardons, chicken and penne bound in a rich cheese sauce £3.75/£5.75
CHICKEN STEW Succulent chicken breast casseroled with Bramley apples and plump prunes. (DF)(GF) £4.00/£6.25
CHICKEN AND ROSEMARY Carved breast on a bed of cabbage with a leek and rosemary cream sauce £3.25/£5.00
SWEET & SOUR CHICKEN Plump chicken gently cooked with peppers, sweet spices and pineapple (DF)(GF) £3.75/£5.75


DUCK A L'ORANGE Golden roasted duck served with a luxurious orange sauce (DF)(GF) £5.00


SAUSAGE AND ONION Traditional sausages on succulent cabbage with an onion & caraway cream sauce £3.75/£5.75
SWEET & SOUR PORK Slow cooked pork with peppers, sweet spices and pineapple (DF)(GF) £3.75/£5.75
PENNE CARBONARA Penne pasta, seared mushrooms, home cured ham and a smooth cheese sauce £3.25/£5.00
HAM TORTE Deep layers of our best ham, caramelised red onion, sweet potato and mature cheddar (GF) £3.75
SAUSAGE AND BACON Our traditional sausages cooked with bacon, caramelised onions and hearty beef gravy (DF) £3.50/£5.25
PORK AND CIDER A rich casserole with farmhouse cider, root vegetables, honey and wholegrain mustard £3.75/£5.75
FAGGOTS IN GRAVY 2 traditional wrapped pork balls smothered in a dark onion gravy (DF) £3.00
LIVER AND BACON Slices of tender liver, bacon and onion all cooked with a tasty beef gravy (DF) £3.50/£5.25
SAUSAGE AND MASH 3 traditional sausages, buttery mash and dark onion gravy £4.00/£6.50


ROAST BEEF Tender roast beef, chipolatas, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and gravy £4.25
ROAST CHICKEN Carved chicken breast, chipolatas, seasonal vegetables and chicken gravy £4.25
ROAST LAMB Leg of lamb with chipolatas, seasonal vegetables and gravy £4.25
ROAST PORK Lean leg of pork, chipolatas, seasonal vegetables and gravy £4.25
ROAST TURKEY Succulent turkey breast, chipolatas, seasonal vegetables and chicken gravy £4.25


FISH PIE The very best locally landed fish and prawns in a cream sauce, buttery mash and cheddar £4.00/£6.50
HADDOCK MORNAY Glorious smoked haddock with baby leaf spinach wilted in a cheddar cream sauce £4.25/£7.50
PRAWN MADRAS North Atlantic prawns with a spicy tomato, chilli and coriander leaf curry (GF)(DF) £4.25/£6.75


SMOKED HADDOCK Great flakes of smoked haddock with leeks, mature cheddar and wholegrain mustard £3.00
SALMON & PRAWN A great fishcake combination – smoked salmon and plump pink prawns! £4.00
MEDITERRANEAN Beautiful fresh cod and haddock with peppers, basil and parmesan £3.00
SALMON & PEA Excellent fresh salmon with peas and mint for a really original and special fishcake £3.00


CHICKEN & SWEETCORN Fabulous crisp, juicy sweetcorn giving a sweet tang to the cakes £3.75

CHICKEN & GARLIC Redolent and heady, the garlic is infused through the cake giving a blissful scent £3.75

CHICKEN LEMON PEPPER Punchy cracked black pepper and zesty lemon – a real twang on the tongue! £3.75

CHICKEN & HAM A smooth and classic combination with our own award winning ham. £3.75


VEGETABLE LASAGNE A rich amalgam of the freshest vegetables, chunky tomatoes, oregano and cheese (V) £3.50/£5.25
MUSHROOM CREPE Roasted mushrooms, tarragon and sour cream wrapped in a herb and cheddar pancake (V) £3.50
ROAST NUT LOAF A magnificent cake of nuts, mushrooms, garlic and herbs (DF) (V) £3.50/£5.25
MACARONI CHEESE A classic blend of durum wheat pasta and smooth cheese sauce (V) £3.00/£4.50
THAI VEGETABLE CURRY A glorious melange of vegetables in a sweet and sour coconut curry. (DF)(V) £3.75/£5.75
VEGETABLE MOUSSAKA Mediterranean vegetables, tomatoes, glossy aubergine and a smooth cheese sauce (V) £3.50/£4.25


CUCUMBER SOUP Chilled, gentle flavours of summer with chicken, cucumber and rosemary £1.50
BUBBLE AND SQUEAK Two generous cakes of potato, cabbage and bacon (DF) (GF) £2.00
ROAST SWEET POTATO Generous chunks of sweet potato roasted with olive oil and thyme (GF)(DF)(V) £1.85
MASHED POTATO Soft and buttery, with cheddar, wholegrain mustard, Bramley apple, or just as it is! (GF)(V) £1.00
ROAST POTATOES Roasted in the freshest beef dripping so you don't have to! £1.00
CAULIFLOWER CHEESE Beautiful florets of cauliflower smothered in a rich cheddar cream (V) £2.75/£4.00
CAULIFLOWER & BACON Our best cauliflower cheese with gorgeous chunks of bacon stirred through £3.00/£4.25
FRESH VEGETABLES A selection of lovely vegetables cooked just for you! (V) £1.00
RED CABBAGE Slowly cooked down with Bramley apple until rich, dark and lustrous (GF) (V) £1.85
GARLIC MUSHROOMS Succulent mushrooms cooked slowly with butter, garlic and parsley (V) £1.50
COLESLAW Finely sliced white cabbage, carrot and our refreshing lemon mayonnaise (GF) (DF) £1.25
POTATO SALAD New potatoes enveloped in mayonnaise with a smattering of fine chives (GF) (DF) £1.25
CORONATION CHICKEN The correct recipe! Spices, mango, apricots, secrets, mayonnaise and fascination! £3.50


BARBEQUE SAUCE Tangy and thick with tomatoes! (GF)(DF)(V) £1.75
SPICY BARBECUE SAUCE Our classic sauce, but infused with cracked pepper, garlic and chilli flakes (GF)(DF)(V) £1.75
CHEDDAR SAUCE Just the thing for fish, pasta or vegetables (V) £1.50
GRAVY Our very best! Beef or Chicken. (DF) £1.00


LEMON POSSET Zesty and refreshing set lemon cream (GF) (V) £1.00
BREAD & BUTTER PUD Baked with wonderful bread, vine fruits and cream with a lovely browned crust (V) £2.50
LEMON CHEESECAKE Clean and fresh flavours for a really super cheesecake (V) £1.00/£3.00
CITRUS CHEESECAKE Fresh cream cheese, double cream and zesty fruits make this a sensation (V) £1.00/£3.00
LIME CHEESECAKE Beautiful green limes crushed through our classic cheesecake! (V) £1.00/£3.00
ORANGE CHEESECAKE Refreshing and with intense flavour, this is a super cheesecake. (V) £1.00/£3.00
APRICOT MERINGUE Puree of apricot and vanilla seed with whipped cream and meringue (V) £1.00
BAKED APPLE Finest Bramley stuffed with vine fruits soaked in sherry, with a butter caramel sauce (GF) (V) £2.75
FRUIT CRUMBLE Mixed fruits or apple under a golden crumble topping (V) £2.50
APPLE PUFFS Buttery puff pastry filled with sweet apples (V) £1.05


(GF) – Made without gluten products   (DF) – Made without dairy products  (V) - Vegetarian 






LAMB CASSEROLE           -           Diced lamb casseroled with vegetables and topped with a herb dumpling          (DF)                   £4.00/£5.50

IRISH STEW                    -           Delicious lamb with potatoes, carrots, leeks and herbs, all slow cooked until tender       (DF)(GF) £3.75/£5.00

LAMB SHANK                 -           Slow roasted until meltingly tender with a red wine and mushroom sauce          (DF)                   £4.00/£6.95

SPAGHETTI MEATBALLS  -           Juicy lamb meatballs smothered in a herby tomato sauce and set on a bed of spaghetti (DF)            £3.85/£5.00

BOBOTIE                       -           Minced lamb, gently cooked with fruits and spices under a golden creamy topping                    £3.75/£5.00